Salaciousness, Licentiousness, and Promiscuity in Literature, Culture, and Law

Salaciousness, Licentiousness, and Promiscuity in Literature, Culture, and Law

The Faculty of Philology, University of Opole,
The Faculty of Law and Administration, University of Opole,
have an honour to announce the

7th Symposium Opoliense

Opole, 10–11 May, 2018

Our conference provides a platform to reflect upon themes that address, but are not restricted to:

Block I – Interdisciplinary – Law and Literature

In the field of literature and culture:

Block II – Still eroticism or pornography?

  • Taboo and detabooization
  • Transformations and transgressing customary norms
  • The question of good taste: its evolution and limits throughout the centuries
  • Vulgarization of literary language as a reflection of the changes in colloquial language

Block III – Non-normative behaviours

  • Literary portraits of libertines
  • Witches, crones, hellcats – women and non-normative/transgressive behaviours
  • Famous people’s intimate diaries – autocreation or exhibitionism?

Block IV – Salaciousness in culture

  • Folk identity and salaciousness
  • Salaciousness in fashion
  • The Internet and its impact on the transformation of customs
  • Representations of gluttony and drunkenness in literature and culture


In the field of law studies:

Block V

  • Salaciousness in the public sphere
  • The limits of artistic freedom
  • The legal regulation of perversion: the historical and theoretical perspective

Block VI

  • Contracts on sexual services
  • The public and legal aspects of economic activities connected to sexual services, eroticism and pornography
  • Licentiousness in intellectual property law

Block VII

  • The issue of perversion penalization
  • Offences against sexual freedom and decency
  • Criminological aspects of fighting criminal activities against sexual freedom and decency